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Your plan for prevention

Prevention has always been a part of the culture at Kaiser Permanente. That is why Kaiser Permanente consistently ranks at the top in prevention among health plans nationally.

We understand that good health means more than just not being sick, Our preventive health services help you take charge of your health so you feel empowered and protected throughout every stage of life.

Here, you can learn how to develop your own prevention plan.

Preventive health measures can help prevent disease or detect disease early enough so that treatment is more likely to be successful. Some of these services include immunizations, laboratory tests, medical procedures, behavioral health interventions, or other types of screening methods.

Creating a prevention plan starts with learning about the types of preventive health services that are available and discussing which are most appropriate for you with your doctor. As you begin to develop your personalized prevention plan, take a look at the following resources:

  • My Prevention Services
    Check which immunizations and screening tests you may need by logging on to the preventive services section of kp.org. If you’re due for a mammogram, Pap test, colorectal screening, or other preventive services, take action now.
    If you have questions, you can send your doctor a secure message at kp.org/mydoctor, or call to schedule an appointment or speak to an advice nurse at 1-650-299-2015.
    At your next appointment, check the bottom of your registration slip. The registration slip lists your preventive health services, and tells you if you are up to date, or due to have the test scheduled.
  • Colds, Flu and Coughs 
    Visit our cold and flu website for helpful tips, tools and information to prevent and care for respiratory ailments.