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Transgender Care Program

About Our Program

The Transgender Care Program at Kaiser Permanente Redwood City is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care by a multidisciplinary team to our transgender or non-binary youth and adults.

Our specialist team consists of providers from internal medicine, gynecology, mental health, speech therapy, social work and a gender-affirming coach. Together, we provide gender-affirming:

  • Hormone therapy and consultations
  • Mental health services
  • Gender-affirming and social skills workshops

Our Transgender Care Program and Gender Affirming Care are available to all Kaiser Permanente members.

Leading the way in transgender health care

A Kaiser Permanente physician shares her journey as a transgender women and the innovative care she helped create for other trans individuals.  Read more.

Kaiser Permanente Members, General Public & Non-Kaiser Permanente Providers

If you are a new or current Kaiser Permanente member in need of a trans-competent primary care clinician, please ask your Primary Care physician for a referral. If you are not currently a Kaiser Permanente member and are interested in becoming one, please check your options on kp.org.

We look forward to partnering with you on your comprehensive healthcare needs.