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Patient drop-off/pick-up area is on Marshall Court.

General Surgery

We provide comprehensive general surgery services and specialty skills in thoracic, vascular, and oncologic surgery. All surgeons are qualified in their fields and have the training and experience to care for a wide variety of surgical problems. If you require evaluation for a general surgery problem (gallstones, hernia, breast lump, breast cancer, small and large bowel disease, gastrointestinal cancer, soft tissue lumps, etc.) please feel free to browse any of the physician home pages amongst our department.

How To Get Care

New patients are seen by appointment, as requested by your personal or referring physician or nurse practitioner. Your first visit to our department generally will involve only an evaluation and discussion. If you would benefit from a surgical procedure, it will be scheduled for a later date

Our Commitment

We will explain your diagnosis in clear, understandable terms. We will explain the options for treatment, surgical and non-surgical, and recommend a treatment in your best interest.

If an operation is required, we will inform you of what to expect before, during, and after the procedure and arrange for any other needed specialty consultations. We will provide you with a direct phone number to our office staff, so your questions can easily be answered.

We will provide you with opportunity to evaluate the care and service you received from us.

All members of our team – receptionists, medical assistants, registered nurses and surgeons – are dedicated to providing you with quality surgical care tailored to the specific needs of your case. Appointments are by referral only. Please talk to your primary care physician.