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Frequently Asked Questions (Pharmacy)

How can I simplify my medication regimen or save money on my medications?

If you take multiple medications, there may be options to simplify your regimen and reduce your costs. Our clinical pharmacists work closely with your doctors and are avail­able to assist you. Please leave a message on the New Member and Medication Review Voicemail and one of our pharmacists will call you within a few days to assist you.

What is the formulary?

The formulary is a list of preferred drugs. These drugs have been carefully selected by our physicians and pharmacists on the basis of safety, effectiveness, quality, and, where possible, cost. Our formulary contains a comprehensive list of drugs, which should meet the needs of most patients. We believe the formulary will enable us to provide high-quality products, while keeping costs down.

If you have prescription drug coverage, we cover only those drugs on our formulary, unless your physician determines that a non-formulary drug is medically necessary rather than the formulary alternative, and that drug is not otherwise excluded from your benefits plan.

Northern California Formulary

Where can I find more drug information?

For prescription medications, search our Drug Encyclopedia from the Kaiser Permanente members’ Web site.

Taking herbal remedies, dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, and other natural products? Search our Natural Medicines Database.

What should I know about generic drugs?