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Anticoagulation Clinic

The Anticoagulation Clinic is dedicated to helping your physician manage your anticoagulation therapy and providing you with comprehensive information regarding anticoagulation medications, mainly Warfarin (Coumadin®).

Medication Safety: Many factors can affect the activities of anticoagulation medications. Please call us to inform us of any changes in your medications, diet, or health condition since these changes may alter your anticoagulation blood test results. It is for your safety that we ask you to call us when you have the above changes.

Cypress Building
1190 Veterans Blvd.
First Floor
Redwood City, CA 94063
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Monday through Friday
9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Closed 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.


What is the purpose of the Anticoagulation Clinic?

The Anticoagulation clinic provides a drug monitoring service for patients taking Warfarin (Coumadin®). Our goal is to assist your Primary Care Provider by managing your Warfarin therapy to ensure safe use of the drug and prevent unwanted side effects.

Why is it important to monitor your Warfarin therapy?

Warfarin helps to control the blood’s ability to clot and is prescribed to prevent harmful clots from forming or to treat harmful clots that already have occurred (such as a clot in the leg (called a DVT, Deep Vein Thrombosis), a clot in the lungs (called a Pulmonary Embolus), or a clot in the brain (stroke)). Your Warfarin needs to be carefully monitored regularly to prevent bleeding and clotting.

IMPORTANT reminders for Anticoagulation Clinic patients

Please call the Anticoagulation Clinic:

  • If you have any sign or symptoms of bleeding or clotting.
  • If you miss 1 or more doses of your warfarin (Coumadin®).
  • If another health care provider changes your dose of warfarin (Coumadin®).
  • If you have changed your address or telephone number(s).
  • If you plan to be out of town or on vacation for an extended period of time.
  • To report any new medications (prescription, herbal, OTC) or changes in medications.
  • Before taking antibiotics for any reason.
  • If sudden changes occur in your health (e.g.: infection, flu, diarrhea, vomiting, fever, etc.).
  • To report any major dietary changes (e.g.: starting Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach Diet, Atkin Diet, low fat diet, or drinking nutritional supplements like Slim Fast, New Basics, Ensure, Carnation Instant Breakfast, Glucerna, and the like).
  • At least 7 days before any upcoming medical or dental procedure or surgery.
  • Within 48 hours of any visit to the Emergency Room, Hospital Discharge, or worsening of your overall health.
  • If you have not received a call or letter from the clinic within 2 to 3 days after your blood test.

In addition:

  • Be sure to take the exact amount of Warfarin (Coumadin®™) or Lovenox as prescribed at the same time every day.
  • Be sure to keep your activity level and diet consistent.
  • Inform all health care providers that you are taking warfarin (Coumadin®).
  • Get a Medic-Alert bracelet if you will be taking Warfarin (Coumadin®) for life.