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Kaiser Permanente pharmacies are located in all our hospitals and medical offices. All Health Plan pharmacies in Northern California are linked by a computer system that helps us process prescriptions more efficiently, and helps us identify possible drug interactions or other problems that may arise when multiple medicines are prescribed.

Your Kaiser Permanente physician can also check your recent prescription record through our pharmacy computer system. If your Health Plan benefits include prescription drug coverage, you must use a Health Plan pharmacy to obtain your drug plan benefits.

*You can use any Kaiser Permanente pharmacy in the Northern California region when you need to get a prescription.

Your pharmacist will provide medication counseling when new medications are prescribed for you, when changes are made to your existing prescriptions, or any other time as the need arises. Your pharmacist is also available to review medications and answer questions. You may receive written drug information leaflets about your medicines. Please read these carefully, and ask the pharmacist if you have any questions. We can also provide these leaflets in other languages, if needed.