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Head and Neck Surgery

Our board certified specialists are trained to provide care for people in the following areas:


Infections, hearing problems, balance disorders, tinnitus, and external ear deformities, audiological testing and fitting of hearing aids.

Nose and Paranasal Sinuses

Breathing difficulties related to the upper airway; related allergic conditions and infections including endoscopic sinus surgery.

Mouth and Throat

Tonsil and adenoid problems; infections, swallowing disorders, hoarseness and sleep apnea.


Nose, facial bones and jaw.

Cosmetic and Plastic Reconstructive

surgery of the face and neck.


of the ears, nose , throat and neck, including thyroid and salivary glands: skin cancers (after biopsied diagnosis) including Mohs surgery.

Neurotology and Skull Base

Tumors and infections of the ears and sinuses involving the base of the skull, including acoustic neuromas; procedures for vertigo; implantation of vagus nerve stimulators; evaluation and treatment of spinal fluid leaks.