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Menu Planning

“I’m too busy to cook!”

Actually, making healthy meals takes less time if you’ve spent a little time planning ahead. The problem comes when it’s time to eat and you haven’t a clue what to make…that’s when poor choices are made. We can help you reduce the stress of indecision and enjoy your food more!

First, what do you like? If you live with others, get their input too. Jot down a few of your favorite home-cooked meals…can cooking these fit into your schedule? Can you make them ahead of time and store or freeze them? Can others help you shop and prepare?

See if your grocery store has a website. If so, they often have recipes with some of their ready-to-use products, which can reduce time in preparation. If you can find some quick, ready-to-eat recipes that you like, stock up on the ingredients so that you never get caught without something good to eat.

Do you have problems saying “no” to certain foods? We all do. These foods are called “entertainment foods” because we eat them for fun. They’re tasty and easy, and once we start eating or drinking them, it’s hard to stop. It’s best to keep these items out of the house altogether. When you are hungry and tired, these are the foods you’ll go for if they are there.

These resources can help you get on the right track to planning healthy meals: