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Breast Pump Rentals & Accessories for Sale

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that babies be exclusively breastfed for at least six months. Many moms return to work or school during this time. To continue providing breast milk, mothers can pump their breasts when they are apart from their babies. Please view our brochure below for information on breast pump rentals. Breast Pump Stations are located at our Sacramento-Point West, Roseville-Eureka Road, and Folsom facilities.

Breast Pump Rentals

We also carry a wide variety of breastfeeding accessories, some of which are listed below. For more information on accessories, please contact your local Health Education Center. Products may vary by location.

Breastfeeding Accessories

“My Breast Friend” Pillow: $45.00
“My Breast Friend” Twins Pillow: $55.00
Car Adaptor: $11.00
Dual Pump Kit: $45.00
Flanges: $11.00
Nipple Shields: $8.00
Soothies: $11.00
Valve: $3.00
Replacement Pump Diaphragm: $3.00
Replacement Adapter Valve: $1.00