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Behavioral Health Programs

Our programs provide information on healthy approaches to your thoughts, feelings, actions, and experiences.

To schedule classes, please contact our Mental Health and Wellness Department directly at 916-973-5300.

Our single-session “Pathways to Emotional Wellness” class is the best way to join our Behavioral Health Education resources, and class participants review the whole range of class offerings.


View ADHD Skills class information »


View Anger Management Series class information »


View Anxiety Series class information »

Couples Communication

View Couples Communication Skills Series class information »


View Managing Depression Series class information »


View Improving Your Sleep Series class information »

Stress and Mind-Body Health

View Pathways to Emotional Wellness class information »

View Relaxation class information »

View Nutrition For Emotional Wellness class information »

View Mindfulness Series class information »

View Mind-Body Health Series class information »