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Joining Online Classes using Microsoft Teams (Desktop)

Desktop Device

Step 1

Go to your invitation that contains the link to the Microsoft Teams meeting.

  1. If you received a KP.org Secured Message, click the link below “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting”. Example:
    Sample KP Secure Message containing a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting.
  2. If you received a personal email, click “Join your appointment”. Example:
    Sample email containing a link to a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Step 2

There are three options to join. Select Join on the Web Instead.

Image of meeting joining options in Microsoft Teams.

Step 3

You will then be asked to allow access to your camera and microphone. Select Allow.

Step 4

Confirm your audio is turned on

Step 5

For your privacy, please enter only your first name and your last initial. (Example: Tyler S.)

Step 6

Select Join Now.

Step 7

You will be moved into the “Lobby” where you will see and hear a message that “someone in the meeting will let you in when the meeting starts”.

Image of name input in Microsoft Teams.

Meeting Interface

Although there will be some slight differences between mobile app versions, refer to the following for a description of the controls available to you:

Video icon Enable / Disable Video
Mute icon Mute / Unmute Microphone
Speakerphone icon Toggle Speakerphone
Other Options icon Other Options
Hang up icon Hang Up / Leave the Meeting