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Is this program right for you?

Chronic pain can affect everything in life, including your ability to work and have fun, your sleep, your relationships, and your feelings of well-being. Essential Skills for Pain Management is a 12-month program to help you develop the skills to improve your quality of life.

What can you expect from this program? This program starts with four interactive workshops called Essential Skills for Pain Management. We offer the newest evidence-based skills to decrease pain and suffering. Each week you will learn a new mindful meditation skill and a mindful movement skill. Your weekly home-practice is the key to retraining your nervous system to decrease pain.  People who complete the program report:

  • Better ability to self-manage chronic pain
  • Improved quality of life
  • Increased physical functioning
  • Decreased pain

Workshops topics

  • Where pain comes from and why you still hurt
  • Thought and emotion management
  • How to improve your sleep
  • Evidence-based mindfulness skills
  • How to use your body more effectively
  • How to move and exercise within your limitations
  • Breathing skills to support pain control

Workshops are 2 ½ hours, once a week for four weeks in a row, followed by the recommended Essential Skills Practice sessions. Pain Psychologists and Pain Physical Therapists facilitate each workshop.

Your Care Team includes a Pain Psychologist, a Pain Physical Therapist, and a Nurse Care Manager. Their goal is to support your home-practice of the new mindfulness-based skills.

How can you participate in the program?

  1. Ask your physician to refer you to the program
  2. We will then call you to schedule the workshops offered at various times and North Valley locations
  3. Once you complete the workshops, we encourage you to attend the Essential Skills Practice sessions and After Care groups to continue working on your new mindfulness-based skills
  4. You may contact your Nurse Care Manager for the remainder of the 12 months with questions or concerns about your pain experience or home-practice

Class Content

Essential Skills for Pain Management Online Resources for 4-Week Program