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Total Health Workshops

Are you looking for up-to-date information on alcohol and drug use?  Would a brief, interesting and interactive presentation on addiction, alcohol, drugs, or habit-forming prescription medications be useful to you?

Whether you are a student interested in these topics, or a Kaiser employee, or a person wondering about your own use, or a friend or family member of someone struggling with drugs or alcohol, you are welcome to attend our Total Health Workshops.

These are presented every Friday morning at Point West Medical Offices in Sacramento, and every Friday afternoon at Roseville Riverside/Cirby Medical Offices.  These interesting and informative presentations are included with your Kaiser membership, including Medi-Cal designated patients, at no additional charge.

Different workshops have different topics: Alcohol, habit-forming opioid medications and sedatives, stimulants, marijuana, and tobacco.  All presentations explain how addiction occurs through a physiological and psychological process.  All workshops outline various ways to get better.

The workshops are interactive:  if you wish, you can ask questions, have the presenters go into more detail, or follow up with areas that interest you.  You also can come to several different workshops.  (Some have come back to attend the same topic because of the diversity of the subjects and discussions often expand and evolve).  No matter how many you attend, there is never any copay.

Your physician can register you, or you can call  916-979-3523.