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Adolescent Program

Program sessions offered on the Microsoft TEAMS Virtual Platform

Outpatient adolescent treatment is available for teens 13-18* years old. At least one parent or guardian must agree to participate.

Initial evaluations are available by appointment only.

We recognize that substance abuse has a profound impact on adolescents’ physical, family, school/vocational, interpersonal, legal, and social life. We believe that the disease progression, intervention, and treatment for adolescents differ from that of adults. The progression from experimentation to dependency is more rapid; highlighting the need for early intervention. We view intervention as a process rather than a one-time event. Adolescent treatment must address multiple factors while acknowledging substance abuse as a primary problem.

We believe it is important for the adolescent to understand how substance use relates to his or her “whole person” and relationships with family and friends. Our goal is to assist the adolescent in the development of life skills while maintaining a substance-free lifestyle.

We view parent participation as an integral part of adolescent treatment. Typically the adolescent with substance abuse has a significant impact on the dynamics of the family. Also, just as frequently, the behavior and attitudes of other family members influence the adolescent. To achieve lasting success we include parents in the education and treatment process.

We value prevention as much as treatment. Our work includes the development and implementation of a pre-treatment program, outreach in the community, schools, parents groups, and youth service organizations. We are committed to ongoing evaluations so that the work we do will improve the standard of quality for all of our adolescent treatment programs.

*If they are still in school