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In the Community

Caring for our Community

For more than 75 years, Kaiser Permanente has had the same mission: to provide high-quality, affordable health care services, and to improve the health of our members and our communities. We’ve always known that good health goes beyond health care.

We believe healthy individuals need healthy communities, and healthy communities need healthy people to thrive. We have a broad approach to improving the health and well-being of our communities that go beyond our grants and sponsorships.

At Kaiser Permanente, we are working to improve the conditions for health and equity in the community by addressing the root causes of health, such as economic opportunity, affordable housing, safe and supportive schools, and a healthy environment. These improvements grow from our collaboration with each community to co-design and co-create solutions that truly make a positive impact.

We are working in partnership with a wide range of community-based organizations to address social health needs and are making “upstream” investments in school districts, safety net clinics, economic ecosystems, and the homelessness system of care to improve “downstream” health outcomes in the neighborhoods we serve.

Here in the Greater Sacramento area, we have identified four critical health needs where we focus our efforts:

Greater Sacramento Investment Highlights 2021

2021 Community Health Snapshots

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KP Greater Sacramento
KP Northern California
KP National

Our focus areas of need were identified through a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), which we conduct every three years in partnership with other healthcare providers in the region. Read the latest CHNA reports for Roseville, Sacramento, and South Sacramento.

Grant Process

At this time, Kaiser Permanente Roseville/Sacramento is accepting new grant applications by invitation only.

Community Event Sponsorships

The Kaiser Permanente sponsorship application period for events taking place in 2022 is now open. Because safety guidelines change quickly, our application window will remain open. Please submit your application 90 days before the event when possible.

Due to the challenges associated with COVID, our funding is limited and we may not be able to support all the needs in our community or at the same levels as in the past.

Please note that one of the factors in our decision-making is state and local guidelines around COVID-19 safety and precautions. As such, we may withhold sponsorship decisions until closer to the event date to ensure our decisions are in alignment with those guidelines to keep our communities as safe as possible.

To submit a request or visit mosaic.versaic.com/login.

Important Reminders

If event details are not confirmed at the time the application is due, please submit as much information as possible and note when more details will be available.

If applying for multiple events, please submit a separate application for each event request.

If you have any questions, please contact your Kaiser Permanente representative or email PA-Sponsorships@kp.org.