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Diabetes Management

Diabetes Basics Class (online)

Diabetes Basics class a 2-hour online information session on taking care of your diabetes and health.  You can feel better and be active and healthy when you apply the basics of managing your Type 2 diabetes.  In this class, we give you an overview of the five key areas of type 2 diabetes management: healthy eating, exercise, monitoring your blood sugar levels, proper use of medication, and managing your stress.  You will also have the chance to get your questions answered.

This program is a covered benefit, no fee. Kaiser members only.

Please call your most convenient facility to enroll,
Vallejo 707-651-2692
Vacaville 707-624-2225
Napa 707-258-4490
Fairfield 707-427-4466


Diabetes Nutrition (online)

This lifestyle class focuses on one of the key parts of diabetes management: balancing your blood sugar levels through diet.  A Registered Dietitian will teach you how to count carbs, read food labels, and build healthy meals and snacks.
Members only.
Sessions: One 2-hour session
Fee: No class fee