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Pain Management Monthly Class Calendar

+++We the Vacaville Pain Management Team would like to extend our apologies for the inevitable inconveniences that are affecting our member community as we attempt to maintain a level of responsibility true to this current health climate. Due to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines we are currently postponing any in person participation for our department training classes. We will be very diligent in reinstating all Pain Management Classes as it is appropriate and safe for our members.

We are introducing virtual skills classes so you can still learn and practice our content at home! Please join us in our virtual classroom by contacting our clinic or sending a message to one of our Chronic Pain Providers. You can access our Online Class Resources.+++

These classes give information about your body, pain, and how pain-lowering skills work. More importantly they teach you the basic level skills everyone with chronic pain needs to know to be able to decrease their pain.

After the training is completed you will need to practice these skills at home to get the full benefit that they can offer you.