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Active Therapy Training Classes

Why does my doctor want me to go to the training classes?

Sometime medicines, surgery, and injections do not help the pains enough. Active therapies are therapies that you can do daily at home to lower your pain levels. The training classes teach you how to do these home therapies so that you can start getting the pain reduction benefits from them as soon as possible.

How long do I need to do these classes?

Attend the Foundations classes once a week for six weeks. You can make up classes that you miss the next time they are offered.

Attend the advanced classes for as many weeks as needed to learn the skills and use them at home to lower your pains.

Foundations Classes:

These classes are once a week for six weeks. They are co-taught by the pain physical therapist and the pain psychologist. In them, you will learn about how your brain and nervous system can make your pains worse or better. You will learn a basic set of active therapies for daily use. You will be introduced to exercises for pacing, noticing, coordination, flexibility, stability, body mechanics, thought management, attitude management, emotion management, relaxation, and stress management. We only include therapies in these classes that other members have found helpful to lower their pain levels.

Once you complete the Foundations classes then you are eligible to enter any of our advanced classes to add to your pain reduction skills. (See their descriptions below)

Active Therapy Training Advanced Classes