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Rehabilitation Services

Welcome to Our Team!

At Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center, it’s our goal to help patients recover from stroke, brain or spinal cord injury, or other conditions that affect the ability to move, speak, or think, and regain the greatest level of well-being possible.
For every step of the patient’s treatment, you and your family are at the center of our team.

Who’s on our team?

The patient: The patient is the most important member. He or she is the one who knows better than anyone else how well care is going, and will be the one participating in therapies. The more dedicated patients are to their recovery, the better success they’ll have.
The family: They’ll provide support, make the patient feel at home, help in treatment sessions, and prepare for the patient’s return home.
Our staff: A group of physicians, therapists, social workers, and nurses are here. They have the training to make the most of the patient’s recovery and help the patient return to work, home, and leisure activities.

Learn more about the Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center by visiting our website.