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Body Measurements

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Testing

This 30-minute appointment will test your RMR and provide the opportunity for a one-on-one appointment with a Health Educator or Registered Dietician to discuss your results together and how to best plan your next steps.

Location: Fremont
Fee: Fees may apply
Registration: Call 510-675-4302,
Open to the community.


Weight and Body Fat Percentage Measurement

Use our scale to monitor and track your weight. The scale provides a print out of your weight, BMI, body fat percentage, and fat mass. These details can help you track your progress.

Location: Union City
Fee: No fee
Registration: Call 510-675-4531,
Open to the community.


Body Mass Index (BMI)

This interactive tool determines your body mass index, which can help estimate your risk for weight-related diseases.

BMI Calculator for Adults

BMI Calculator for Children (ages 2 to 19)