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Women's Health

You have the ability to thrive at every age.  We offer healthy lifestyle programs designed for your unique needs!

Birth control Options

Visit your local Health Education Center to learn about various temporary and permanent birth control methods and resources to help you make the decision that’s right for you.  Members only.

Information: To obtain a prescription for birth control, or to learn about emergency contraception pills, contact your Ob/Gyn practitioner.

Midlife and Menopause

Visit our Health Education Center to explore options for staying well and strong through midlife and beyond. Resources include Kaiser Permanente’s Menopause & Midlife: Women’s Health Guidebook.

Improving Your Bladder Health

Learn how to handle urinary incontinence, self-care tools to improve bladder control, treatment options, and exercises that can help strengthen pelvic floor muscles.  Open to the community
Location: Fremont and Union City Medical Centers
Dates/times: One session; call for dates and times
Fee: No charge
Registration: Call 510-248-3455 Fremont; 510-675-4531 Union City


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Birth control options

Emergency Contraceptive Pills

If you need more information or would like to register for a class please contact one of our Health Education Centers:

Fremont 510-248-3455

Hayward & Union City 510-675-4531