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Heart Programs

We offer a wealth of information and strategies for positive lifestyle change to help you live well and thrive.


Living Heart-Healthy class

One session Cardiovascular Risk Reduction class.  This class is designed to teach members how to lower their risk for heart attack and stroke through heart-healthy lifestyle changes, including healthy eating and taking blood pressure readings at home.
Location: Fremont Medical Center, San Leandro and Union City Medical Offices
Dates/Times: Day and evening classes; call for dates and times
Fee: No fee
Registration: (510)675-4531
High Blood Pressure Resources:  Click the following PDF’s for additional resources
High Blood Pressure: Here’s what you can do
Hypertension medications
Simple steps with heart failure
Heart health program


Living Better with Heart Failure online class

Did you know heart failure is a manageable condition? Join us and discover how you can feel better through self-management and healthy eating. A full and enjoyable life is within your reach.  Caregivers or loved ones are encouraged to attend with you. Open to Kaiser Permanente members only.
Location: Fremont and Union City Medical Centers
Date/Time: Call for dates and times
Fee: No charge.
Registration:510-248-3455 Fremont; 510-675-4531 Union City
Hert Failure Resources:  Click the following PDF’s for additional resources
Simple Steps to Take to Stay Healthy
Daily Heart Failure Self Care
Heart Failure Medications: How They Work