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Fitness & Flexibility

Moderate exercise is safe for most people, but you should talk to your doctor before starting any exercise program, especially if you have an ongoing condition or injury. With all forms of exercise, it’s wise to start slowly, listen to your body, and increase duration and intensity gradually. If your doctor advised you of a movement or positioning precaution and has pre-approved your participation in one of our Fitness and Flexibility classes, please tell your instructor before class the first time you attend.


Stay Active! Fitness Resources, community resources


Qigong Basics

Qigong is a series of movements designed to enhance circulation of the body’s vital energy. Classes include warm-up exercises, acupressure self-massage, stretching, and, meditation. This introduction is appropriate for people of all ages and fitness levels. Open to the community.
Location: Fremont and San Leandro
Dates/times: Eight sessions, Wednesday or Thursday evening
Fee: $70 members; $88 nonmembers
Registration: Call 510- 248-3455 Fremont; or 510- 454-4531 San Leandro


Back Class

Feel better and gain control over your back pain. You will learn ways to sit, stand, and move that can get you back to your daily activities more quickly. Learn the habits that will help keep your back in action now and throughout your life. Members only.
Location: Fremont
Sessions: One 1-hour session
Fee: No fee
Registration: Call  510-248-3455 Fremont; 510- 675-4531 Hayward/Union City.


Online! Every Body Walk

Walking is pure magic. It can make you happier and healthier, almost anyone can do it, and it’s practically free—all  you need is a good pair of walking shoes. Just visit everybodywalk.org for news and resources on walking, health information, walking maps, information on how to find a walking group, and a place to read about and share stories on walking. Get up and get moving! Open to the community.  Visit http://everybodywalk.org/

Online! Managing Your Back Pain

Managing Your Back Pain is an online program that helps you reduce your back pain and return to your normal activities.  This program demonstrates exercises to strengthen your back as well as positions that reduce stress on your back.  It also provides tips to help you prevent future flare-ups.  Visit kpdoc.org/backpainprogram


East Bay Regional Parks and Trails

East Bay Regional Park District offers an annual Trails Challenge, which is a self-paced program open to people of all ages and abilities. It invites you to explore and enjoy the parks and open space areas throughout the East Bay. Visit ebparks.org for information about the challenge, and ways to be active in our local system of beautiful parklands and trails in Alameda and Contra Costa counties.

If you need more information or would like to register for a class please contact one of our Health Education Centers:

Fremont 510-248-3455

Hayward & Union City 510-675-4531

San Leandro 510-454-4531