Chronic Conditions

We have many classes and programs to help you with your chronic conditions.


Asthma & COPD Resources

Our Health Education Centers offer videos/DVDs (in English and Spanish), books, pamphlets, and Internet access to help you learn more about controlling your asthma or living with COPD. Call or visit to learn more.  You can also watch videos about Asthma and COPD by visiting


Healthier Living with Ongoing Health Conditions

Living with an ongoing health condition like diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis can challenging.  But don’t let symptoms keep you from doing the things you need and want to do.  No matter what your conditions,m you can learn from other’s proven skills to manage physical and emotional symptoms to live a richer, fuller life.  Call or visit a Health Living Center to request information, which includes how to schedule a one on one consultation with a health educations.  Members only.
Location: Call for locations.
Dates/Time: Day and evening classes; ongoing.  Call for dates and times.
Fee: No fee
Registration:510-675-3436 (Union city)


Blood Pressure screening

Open the link to the flyer to view our hours for our blood pressure screenings.


Living Heart-Healthy Class

One session Cardiovascular Risk Reduction class.  This class is designed to teach members how to lower their risk for heart attack and stroke through heart-healthy lifestyle changes, including healthy eating and taking blood pressure readings at home.
Location: Fremont Medical Center, San Leandro and Union City Medical Offices
Dates/Times: Day and evening classes; call for dates and times
Fee: No fee
Registration: (510)675-4531 or (510)248-3455 or 510 454-4531

High Blood Pressure Resources:  Click the following PDF’s for additional resources
High Blood Pressure: Here’s what you can do
Hypertension medications
Simple steps with heart failure
Heart health program


Online!  Managing Your Headaches

Learn about headache types and triggers, and discover ways to help manage and prevent them with this online program.  Find this feature at

Pain Management Program

If you have been living with longstanding physical pain, this program— led by a team of multidisciplinary chronic pain specialists—can help you develop skills to manage your pain and take your life back. By referral only. Members only.


Related resources and support groups


Lifestyle change for chronic conditions

Chronic Conditions Department


Support groups

  • All About Dementias
  • Hepatitis C Support Group
  • Living Well with Diabetes
  • Multiple Sclerosis Support Group
  • Stroke Education and Support Group

If you need more information or would like to register for a class please contact one of our Health Education Centers:

Fremont 510-248-3455

Hayward & Union City 510-675-4531