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Swelling and pain control

It is normal to have pain and swelling in your hip following surgery. This will improve over time, but may persist for twelve weeks or longer after surgery.

It is important to use your pain medication as directed by your physician to help manage your pain. Keeping your pain managed well will help you do your exercises and improve at a faster rate.

Use ice on your hip for 15- 20 minutes at a time. Repeat this as often as one time per hour.
Do your exercises as instructed. Keeping your hip moving will help control your pain and swelling.
Keep your walking to household distances for 2-3 weeks. We want you to walk, but too much walking can increase your pain and swelling.
Increase your activity level gradually. Do not overdo it.
If your pain and or swelling is worse at the end of the day that usually means that you have done too much activity that day.