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Certified Nurse Midwife

We would like to introduce ourselves; we are the nurse-midwives who work in the department of ob/gyn offices at Hayward and Fremont, and on Labor and Delivery at Kaiser Hospital, Hayward. We are all registered nurses who have had graduate education in midwifery. It is the purpose of this letter to let you know how we function within the Kaiser System and how we can help you in the birth of your child.

We provide care to ‘low risk’ women. Most of the vaginal deliveries at Kaiser Hayward are done by our nurse-midwifery service. Midwives can evaluate you in our triage unit and admit you onto the labor floor. We can manage your labor, order necessary medications for you, deliver your baby and take care of concerns in the immediate and delayed postpartum period.

Our clinic and hospital Midwives are
Berman, Sylvia
Cox Jude, Christine
Kammerer, Maria
Greenwood, Margaret
Untalan, Doris