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Visitor Policy and COVID-19 Information

We have updated the visitation guidance for hospital and ambulatory settings based on the most recent public health order by the CDPH to include the key changes below:

Hospitals and clinics may now allow all patients to have visitors without restriction.

Visitors are no longer required to show proof of vaccination or of negative COVID-19 test result to visit their family or friends in the hospital.

Effective April 3, 2023, per updated guidance from the California Department of Public Health, masks are no longer required at Kaiser Permanente facilities, except where mandated by governmental and regulatory agencies or our local infection prevention experts. Patients and visitors should check themselves for common COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering our facilities and can continue to request and voluntarily use masks as a recommended tool to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory-like illnesses.

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Couple walking in park for exercise

Lace up your sneakers and join the Kaiser Permanente Weekend Walkers

Take advantage of the physical and mental health benefits of walking and join the Kaiser Permanente Weekend Walkers for an energetic walk through Woodward Park on Saturday mornings. The group is open to anyone.

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Latest Updates on COVID-19 Testing

Most of the time, you can use an easy and reliable no-cost home antigen test for your COVID-19 testing needs. Not sure which COVID-19 test is right for you? See our guidelines on choosing the right COVID-19 test.

For those times that you need an in-person COVID-19 PCR test as directed by your doctor or if you are attending an event or activity that specifically requires a negative PCR test result, you can now get a rapid PCR test with results in approximately 2 hours at our convenient Northern California Kaiser Permanente testing locations. No appointment is needed and there is no cost.

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Protect your health – get a flu shot

What is the first line of defense against the flu? Flu vaccination!

Your annual flu shot, along with hand washing, staying home when you’re sick, and general healthy habits like regular exercise, healthy diet, and plenty of sleep, will help keep everyone safer. Now is the time to get vaccinated.

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Kaiser Permanente Fresno COVID-19 Testing

Drive through testing is offered at Kaiser Permanente Fresno Medical Center for individuals who are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms; require a PCR test before a medical procedure; or other reasons.

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