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Visitor Information

Visitors play an important role in your recovery. We encourage our patients to see family members and friends in moderate numbers and for brief periods of time. We have certain visiting hours and regulations concerning visitors, which vary depending on the type of hospital care you are receiving.

Hospital Visitation Policy

Visitors are welcome and encouraged at the Fresno Medical Center. Your family and friends can play a key role in helping you recover and supporting you when you leave the hospital. Each patient room has a family zone designed for the comfort of your visitors.

Family includes any person not legally related to the patient, spouses, domestic partners, both different-sex and same-sex significant others. Family also includes a minor patient’s parents, regardless of gender of either parent. Parenthood includes: legal parents, foster parents, same-sex parents, stepparents, and other persons acting as caretakers.

Visitors include any person of the patient’s choosing (if the patient has decision-making capacity), regardless of sex, economic status, educational background, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender identity or marital status.

Visiting guidelines vary depending on the patient’s reason for hospitalization and are at the discretion of the medical team. If you have concerns regarding these guidelines, please discuss them with your nurse.

Important considerations regarding visitation:

  • Patients in the hospital often have compromised immune systems. Anyone who is experiencing a cough, cold, or other symptoms of illness should not visit.
  • Visitors should wash their hands frequently, and upon entering and leaving the patient’s room, to prevent the spread of illness.
  • Visitors under age 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. This is for the health of both patients and children.
  • During flu season, visitor restrictions are enforced. Visitors 14 and under, including family members, are not permitted.
  • Under certain circumstances, physicians or staff may ask visitors to leave the room while examining a patient or performing a procedure.
  • Between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., visitors must use the Birthing Center Hospital entrance.
  • Latex balloons are not permitted in the hospital.

The most important consideration when visiting should always be the safety of the patient and his or her right to a restful environment that supports total health.

Visitor Parking

Visitors may use any open designated parking spaces unless they are marked for special use only.

Parking Fines

Parking rules and regulations at Kaiser Permanente Fresno are actually enforced by the City of Fresno, and those tickets and fines are real. And they apply to everyone: physicians, employees, members, visitors and vendors. Please park appropriately.