Welcome to Kaiser Permanente

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We are very pleased you have chosen us to be your health care partner. Here is information to help make your transition into our health care system as smooth as possible. Our members can access services at any of our locations as soon as your coverage becomes effective. If you aren’t sure of your exact effective date, please ask your employer or call Member Services.

Getting started


Welcome to the New Member Outreach and Physician Selection Department!

An important part of your health care experience at Kaiser Permanente includes building a relationship with your personal care provider. We believe in personalized care and recommend that you select a provider for you and your family from one of our primary care departments at the medical facility that you’ll use most often. Whether it’s providing preventive care exams, helping you find just the right health education class, or caring for you when you are ill, your doctor or nurse practitioner is your partner to help you get and stay healthy.

As a new member, you’ll receive your KP identification (ID) card and informational materials by mail. However, since you may need health care services as soon as your coverage becomes effective, the following steps can help you get started. If you are not sure of your effective date with Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program, please ask your employer.

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