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Meet Our Staff

Meet the Health Education Team

East Bay Service Area

Chief of Health Education
Renee Fogelberg, MD

Director of Health Education
Carol Azar, MPH

Manager of Health Education
Cheryl Ballesteros, MPH

Assistant Manager of Health Education
Melinda Shott, MPH

Senior Health Educators
Aimee Abellar, MS
Alita Alee, MPH
April Beltran, MPH
Cindy Cosio, MPH
Gina Gallitero, MPH
Katie Hodges, MPH
Cecily McGaw, MA

Registered Dieticians
Jennifer Fisch-Lemp. RD, MPH
Kathleen Haupt-Katsch, RD, CDE
Christine Quan, RD, CDE

Health Education Assistants
Randy Del Prado
Jeanne O’Reilly
Christine Parentela
Mirna Pena
Anita Wong

Health Education Clerks
Stephanie Argast
Mary Boswell
Fred DeBose
Jeannine Duckett
Anabella Farias
Kartika Fulgham
Rene Garay
Karen Jones
Christina Seals