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Life Care Planning

What is Life Care Planning?

Life Care Planning is Kaiser Permanente’s name for a process also known as Advance Care Planning. We believe all adults should plan in advance for the unexpected. Learn more about Life Care Planning at kp.org/lifecareplan

Selecting a Health Care Decision Maker

An important part of Life Care Planning is selecting someone to make your health care decisions if you could not make them for yourself, for example following an unexpected accident or illness. We recommend all adults Select a Health Care Decision Maker while in good health.

The person you select should:

  • Be willing to be your health care decision maker
  • Know your values and wishes
  • Be able to make decisions under difficult situations
  • Agree to follow your wishes even if they are different from their own

Advance Health Care Directive

After selecting a health care decision maker, the next step is to complete an Advance Health Care Directive to make your selection legally valid.

How to submit your completed Advance Health Care Directive

  • Sign on to kp.org, click on “Medical Record” and select “Life Care Planning”
  • Email your form to EB-HE-lifecareplan@kp.org
  • Drop Off a copy at any East Bay Health Education Center Mailbox
  • Mail a copy of your completed form to:
    Kaiser Permanente Health Education Department
    275 W. MacArthur Blvd.
    Oakland, CA 94611
  • Fax your form to 855-322-3075


Go to kp.org/lifecareplan or call your local health education office.