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Patient Testimonials

“When it became increasingly clear that my family was likely genetically disposed towards more than just colon cancer, I really wanted to find out what my personal likelihood of having these cancers. From working with my primary doc to the genetics counselor to the ob-gyn doc and gastroenterologist, I found everyone was not only familiar with each other, but also in communication with each other & able to update each other instantly. I was in easy contact via email & telephone with all my providers for any questions or concerns I had. They were also able to give me numerous resources to educate myself further. I can confidently recommend their services & found them to be of great support!”

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“I have BRCA2. At 41, I was cancer-free, but because of my elevated cancer risk, elected to undergo a double mastectomy, and to remove my ovaries and uterus. After doing extensive research and interviewing doctors, I chose the genuinely fantastic doctors at Kaiser Oakland, who had developed a unique program:  in a single day, I underwent a double mastectomy (nipple sparing, which means I kept my natural nipples), immediate reconstruction with silicone implants, and my ovaries and uterus were removed laparoscopically (through three tiny incisions, rather than through an open abdominal surgery).

Surgery took about eight hours, and I was out of the hospital by noon the next day. The first couple of days were a fog, but by day three I felt pretty good, considering. Seven days later, I felt really good, with no pain, just some breast soreness. Three weeks later, I was pretty much back to normal, except my cancer risk had dropped from about 80% to less than 5%.  

A year later, I have some scars underneath my breasts, and a tiny, barely-there scar on both hips. And I couldn’t be happier, or more appreciative of the doctors at Kaiser Oakland, Veronica Shim, Ben Hornik and Eve Zaritsky. Their expertise and innovation is unparalleled, and I genuinely believe the program they developed sets the standard for BRCA2 surgery. They are changing the lives of their patients, and I am forever grateful to be one of those lucky ones.”