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The Ryan White Care Act program

CARE/HIPP(Health Insurance Premium Payment)

is funded by Title II of the CARE Act and administered by the Federal Office AIDS. CARE/HIPP will pay the insurance premium costs for eligible clients with disabling HIV/AIDS. CARE/HIPP cannot be used to purchase a new health insurance policy.

Kaiser Permanente members who have disabling HIV/AIDS and who are losing their health coverage because they can no longer work or afford coverage may contact Oakland Kaiser Social Services for information on applying to this program.

The program will pay health insurance premiums for up to 29 months while the applicant transitions to Medicare coverage.


To be eligible for CARE/HIPP the applicant must demonstrate:

  • HIV positive test results
  • Liquid assets do not exceed $6,000
  • An application for Medi-Cal has been filed and there is cooperation to follow-through with the application
  • Proof of appeal of any denial of public benefits, or be in the process of appeal
  • No previous denials for services specific to HIV disease