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Introduction In English

En español

At Kaiser Permanente we are committed to meeting the needs of the diverse communities we serve. To help accomplish this we have opened a new bilingual department at the Oakland Medical Center. Several of our Spanish speaking providers have moved to this new center. Located at the Fabiola Building, 4A, the Family Health Center—Salud En Español— will give you and your family another option for high-quality, personalized care in both English and Spanish.

Care in your language

Our medical providers will serve the health needs as well as the cultural needs of the East Bay community. All of the physicians and most of the staff at our new center speak English and Spanish, and interpreter services will be available in additional languages. Knowing you can get the services you need in the language you’re most comfortable with can give you peace of mind whenever you come in for care.

Our new center will feature the following services in English and Spanish:

• Family Medicine
• Internal Medicine
• Pediatrics
• Obstetrics/Gynecology
• Health Psychology/Stress Management

For information on selecting a physician from the following list, please call 510-752-1260.

Our physicians are here for you

Nine providers currently located at our Oakland Medical Center will become part of this unique center. If your personal physician is one of them, you’ll be able to continue seeing him or her just as you always have.

Family Medicine

Patrick Chen
Priscilla Flores
Deborah Glupczynski
Elizabeth Quiroz
Andres Turner

Adult Medicine

Walter Acuna
Leticia Aguilera
Gilberto Hernandez
Daniela Iribarne
Ashley McClure
Miriam Salazar
Victor Silvestre
Antonia Torreblanca
Stacy Zambrano


Kristen Miranda
Sonia Ordonez


Nora Garcia

We look forward to helping you and your
family get and stay healthy.

Kaiser Permanente Oakland Medical Center
Fabiola Building
4th floor, Medical Office 4A
3801 Howe St.
Oakland, CA 94611
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