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Oakland Child & Family Services

Family Behavioral Clinic Parenting Skills Workshop Family Support Program ADHD Program


The Department of Psychiatry Child and Family Services has a diverse staff encompassing cultural and multi-lingual capabilities. Our staff consists of clinicians fluent in Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Toysanese and American Sign. We are also a multi-disciplinary team with Psychiatrists, Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Marriage and Family Therapists.

Our clinicians

How to get help

  • Call for a consultation: 510-752-1075, option 2
  • Schedule Early Assessment appointment
    . Information about our services
    . 30-minute individual consultation
    . Intake appointment for parents
  • Refer to Parenting Skills Workshop

Where are we?

Mosswood Building
3505 Broadway, 4th floor
Oakland, California 94611
Map and Directions

Do I need a referral?

No. Parents or legal guardians can call for an appointment regarding their child/teen.

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Family Behavioral Clinic

The Family Behavioral Clinic works with families experiencing stress in the following areas:

  • Behavioral problems at school
  • Academic failures
  • Disrespectful attitudes at home
  • Difficulties getting along with peers
  • Attention problems
  • Oppositional and Defiant behavior

Each child/adolescent will be evaluated by a clinician. After evaluation families who experience the above problems will be referred to the Family Behavior Clinic.

As part of the program we help parents to develop more effective parenting skills. We also work with children to develop positive peer interactions and conflict management skills.

In order to participate in the clinic programs, we ask that parents attend a 4-session Parenting Skills Workshop offered weekly at no charge. After the completion of the Workshop, families will be referred to different components of the program to address their individual family needs.

Families are welcome to stay in the program for as long as is helpful provided families comply with treatment recommendations. Teens with significant substance use will be referred to Chemical Dependency for evaluation.

The first step to participate in The Family Behavioral Clinic is to attend the Parenting Skills Training Workshop.


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Parenting Skills Workshop

4 session weekly program, for parents only, to develop effective behavioral management skills at home.

At the completion of the Workshop, parents will be able to participate in the Family Support Program which includes group programs targeting specific needs of the family and child.

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Family Support Program

Parenting Strategies for Children 3yrs – 12yrs

Parent support group to help families develop effective behavioral management design to meet individual family needs as well to support parents to stay consistent in implementing behavior plans at home.

Parenting Strategies for Parents with Teens

Parent support group to help families with teens to develop effective behavioral skills to help meet individual family needs as well to support parents to stay consistent in implementing behavior plans at home.

Social Skills Program

Group focuses on helping children develop appropriate social skills with peers including communication, conflict management, and understanding social cues. (Group co-pay)

Individual Interventions and Family Therapy

Families with particular needs not appropriate for group will be offered family therapy or individual therapy for the children and teens as needed. (Co-pay)

In order to respond to the larger need, group programs will be offered after school. If individual or family therapy is recommended, sessions will be available primarily during school hours.

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ADHD Program

If you answer “YES” to 3 of the 6 questions below, your child might have ADHD.

  • Does your child have difficulty following through on instructions and have trouble finishing schoolwork, homework, or chores?
  • Does your child have trouble organizing his/her work on time, seem forgetful, and have difficulty listening to others?
  • Is your child easily distracted by things such as noises, conversations or even by his or her own thoughts (e.g., daydreaming)?
  • Does your child run or climb around excessively in situations where it is inappropriate?
  • Does your child often act before thinking or have trouble waiting his or her turn?
  • Does your child blurt out things he or she may regret later, or make careless mistakes because of rushing?

Families of children with ADHD tend to experience a lot of stress and this affects the dynamic of the whole family. ADHD is a neurological condition that at times lasts until adult life. ADHD, if left untreated, can lead to failure in school, juvenile delinquency, drug abuse, general depression and anxiety in children. A careful and comprehensive evaluation is highly recommended.

ADHD Program at Oakland Medical Center

  • ADHD Evaluation
  • ADHD Parent Education Class
  • Social Skills Groups
  • Teen ADHD Support Group
  • ADD Medication Class

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