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Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation Services

We would like to tell you about Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy in the Department of Rehabilitation Services so that you will know what to expect for your course of care.

The goal of therapy treatment, for most patients, is to restore, reinforce, and enhance function that has been impaired due to injury or disease. For some, this may mean learning to walk again after a fracture or joint replacement. For others, therapy may focus on returning to work or normal daily activities; or learning to use adaptive equipment and techniques after a stroke. Still, others may come for therapy because they have a chronic condition and can learn ways to maintain their highest level of activity.

Many of the conditions we address in therapy can require time to improve. It is important that you follow through with any exercises, postural corrections, adaptive strategies, and activity modifications that the therapist prescribes. Please report any problems with your exercises to the therapist so that your program may be adjusted.

Our goal is to give you the skills you need to make yourself better, and maintain that improvement even after you are discharged from treatment. This may be achieved with any one or a combination of the following: instruction in exercise, postural changes, body mechanics, suggestions for equipment, self-help educational classes, and individual treatment.