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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

The goal of the Kaiser Richmond Physical Medicine Department is to provide patients with state-of-the-art, evidence-based, spine and electrodiagnostic care. All of our practitioners are board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with advanced training in areas of spine care and electrodiagnostics.

Kaiser Permanente Spine Center

Our physicians are board certified and fellowship trained in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Interventional Spine, and Pain Medicine.

Kaiser Permanente offers the full spectrum of state-of-art spine care, from the best in conservative care by our physiatrists and physical therapists, spine interventions (including epidural steroid injections, facet injections, sacro-iliac injections and radiofrequency ablation). Our elite team of spine, sports and pain medicine physicians also collaborate with closely with Fellowship trained Orthopedic spine surgeons should your condition require surgery. We also collaborate closely with Kaiser Permanente Northern California’s regional Chronic Pain Programs which specialize in treatment of chronic spinal pain with a team of professionals devoted to functional restoration, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, pharmacological management and innovative body awareness techniques such as Feldenkrais.

Our goal is to assist you in relieving or lessening your spinal pain and improving your function. We want you to THRIVE again!!