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Mental Health

East Bay Adult Mental Health Services

The East Bay Adult Mental Health team is comprised of social workers, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, nurses and psychiatrists with diverse clinical knowledge who are dedicated to serving the general mental health needs of the adults in the community.

We provide an array of services including assessment, treatment planning, individual and group psychotherapy,  clinical case management, and crisis management.

How to get care

For life-threatening emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.


To get a new appointment, call:

Oakland Mental Health Services: 510-752-1075
Richmond Mental Health Services: 510-307-1591

  • A referral is not required.
  • All new members are screened by a licensed mental health professional to determine the appropriate clinical course of action.
  • Plan on arriving 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment to fill out all necessary forms.
  • Our department follows strict confidentiality requirements as defined by law and medical center policy.

The approach to treatment

  • An appointment with a therapist/psychiatrist on the adult team is typically the first point of contact for adult patients.
  • Patients can self-refer for an intake appointment, or can be referred by other providers in the medical center.
  • All patients that meet medical necessity are provided with an intake appointment where they meet with one of our clinicians. During this appointment the clinician works collaboratively with the patient to determine a treatment plan that will effectively address the patient’s needs.
  • Recommended treatment plans may include a combination of specialized group psychotherapy, individual psychotherapy, medication evaluation and management, Behavioral Health Education classes, referrals to specialized services within the department (e.g., intensive outpatient program, clinical case management, eating disorders or chemical dependency services), and/or community resources.

What’s Unique About Us?

The department’s model of care enables the multi-disciplinary group of professionals to provide high quality care in many ways:

  • Care is team-based. The East Bay Mental Health Team is comprised of psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and nurses supported by an array of administrative staff.
  • New members who seek services in the department receive an assessment by a clinician and have the opportunity to discuss a treatment plan to best serve their needs.
  • Recommended treatment plans are based on medical necessity. The plan can include a combination of group and individual psychotherapy, medication management, referrals to specialized services within the department (e.g., intensive outpatient program, case management, or chemical dependency services), health education classes, and/or community resources.
  • Based on the foundation of evidence-based treatments, we have established “Best Practices” guidelines for particular disorders, including depression, anxiety, panic disorder, eating disorders, autistic spectrum disorders, and attention deficit hyperactive disorder.
  • We are a teaching hospital for psychology, social work, nursing, and medical interns and postdoctoral residents and each site is an APA-accredited and APPIC-member that is well-integrated into the Kaiser Permanente health care system. Our talented clinicians and supervisors provide interns and post-doctoral residents with the necessary diagnostic and psychotherapeutic skills to serve the future needs of our healthcare population.