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Injection Clinic

Injection, Immunization, Travel and HIV Clinics

For flu and COVID-19 vaccinations, please visit kp.org/flu to find locations and hours.

How can I get a copy of my or my child’s vaccine records?
Sign in at kp.org. Under “My Health Manager”, click “My Medical Record”. You can then select your name or your child’s name, and click on the link to Immunizations.

Alternatively, you can stop by your local Injection Clinic and ask for a copy (see location information above).

You can also stop by the Pediatric Secretaries (510-752-1467) on the 6th floor of the Mosswood Building in Oakland, or Pediatric Secretary’s office near the Pediatric Clinic on the 1st floor either at Richmond or Pinole to obtain a copy of your child’s immunization records.