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Pediatric Services in the MST Department

The Multi-Specialty Transitions (MST) Department at Oakland Medical Center provides comprehensive, multi-disciplinary gender affirming care for transgender, gender expansive, and gender non-binary youth and their families.

Our approach

  • We provide compassionate and collaborative care for youth and families.
  • We support youth and families in navigating the gender journey together, with the goal of family acceptance and positive health outcomes for youth.
  • We believe there is a broad range of gender identities and expressions and that gender diversity is healthy.
  • Our work is guided by current evidence-based best practices in transition related pediatric care.

Services provided

  • Mental health support
  • Social transition support
  • Medical transition support and readiness discussions
  • Resources for youth and families
  • Groups and classes

Schedule an appointment

If you are seeking support for your child and family, please contact our main number: 510-752-7149. We will discuss with you the pathways care during the initial consultation.