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How to Obtain a Second Opinion

Some people choose to get a second opinion prior to having cancer treatment. You may get a second opinion at any time.

Sometimes patients are shy about seeking a second opinion because they feel they may be insulting their doctor’s judgment. Never feel intimidated if you want a second opinion. Likewise, you should not feel that you are obligated or must have a second opinion. Always feel free to discuss the subject with your doctor, nurse or a social worker.

The following guidelines are intended to assist you in obtaining a second opinion in a timely manner. You have three options for getting a second opinion on your cancer care:

1. Oakland Kaiser Specialist Surgeon and/or Oncologist

  • Covered under your health plan as a regular visit.
  • You can get a fair unbiased opinion from a different specialist at the same medical center.
  • Appointments can be made by either of the following phone numbers:
    Surgery Advice Nurse: 510-752-6405
    Oncology Department: 510-752-7780

2. Other Kaiser facilities who have Specialist Surgeons and/or Oncologists

  • Covered under your health plan as a regular visit.
  • Your Oakland Kaiser Surgeon or oncologist must send a referral consult-to the specialist you choose. Appointments are made after the consult is received by the other facility.
  • When the other facility calls with the appointment date, ask if you will need to obtain any medical records from Oakland Kaiser for the appointment. If you are instructed to obtain records, ask which ones are required and call the Medical Secretaries Department 510-752-6026. You will be asked to sign a release of information before records will be released. Make sure the medical secretary is aware of the date of your appointment.

Listed below are several Kaiser Medical Centers that offer cancer consultation. These are only suggestions of other Kaiser facilities near Oakland Kaiser.

Hayward Medical Center

27400 Hesperian Blvd.
Hayward, Ca 94545
Department of Surgery: 510-784-4070
Department of Oncology: 510-784-4010

Richmond Medical Center

901 Nevin Avenue
Richmond, Ca 94801
Department of Surgery: 510-307-1550
Department of Oncology: 510-307-2640

San Francisco Medical Center

2200 O’Farrell Street
San Francisco, Ca 94115
Department of Surgery: 415-833-2127
Department of Oncology: 415-833-3692

Walnut Creek Medical Center

1425 S. Main Street
Walnut Creek, Ca 94596
Department of Surgery: 925-295-4110
Department of Oncology: 925-295-4030

3. Non-Kaiser Facility

  • If you choose to go outside of the Kaiser system for your second opinion, you will be responsible for the entire cost. It is not covered under your Kaiser plan.
  • You must call and make the appointment yourself. Ask if you will need to obtain any medical records from Oakland Kaiser for this appointment.
  • Contact the Medical Secretaries Department at:
    510-752-6026 and sign a medical release of information. Make sure they are aware of your appointment date. Discuss how these records can get to the second opinion doctor in a timely manner i.e., will be mailed or can you pick them up and deliver them to the doctor yourself).
  • If you are uncertain where to get a second opinion outside of Kaiser, you may ask your specialist, nurse or the American Cancer Society 510-832-7012 for suggestions.