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Adolescent and Family AMRS

A Caring Environment

Kaiser Permanente Oakland’s outpatient Teen Program helps teens and their families come together to participate in the recovery process. Teens can discover the value of a drug-free life, and families can learn to communicate more effectively.

Our abstinence-based program (no drugs or alcohol use) is offered afternoons and evenings to accommodate students and families.

All AMRS services are completely confidential. Information about your treatment will not be shared with anyone without your written permission.

Substance Abuse Warning Signs

  • School habits: poor attendance and/or a drop in grades
  • Family interactions: increased conflict, curfew problems, isolation from family, excessive secretiveness.
  • Social sphere: new friends or isolation from peers, strange phone calls, new activities, sports and hobbies dropped, legal problems (DUI arrest, shoplifting, possession, public drunkenness)
  • Emotional/physical health: temper outbursts, mood swings, changed sleeping habits, hygiene changes, memory problems



  • Do you feel like you are losing control as a parent?
  • Do you find yourself making excuses for your teen’s behavior or rescuing him/her from consequences?
  • Do you feel like your home life revolves around problems with your teens?

Parents, you can learn the difference between parenting and enabling. Teens with an alcohol/drug abuse problem need treatment to regain control of their lives. When family members participate together in treatment, the process of recovery begins.


  • Do you ever feel that drugs and alcohol are controlling you?
  • Are alcohol/drugs interfering with what you really want for yourself?
  • Are there people in your life who suggest you may have a problem with alcohol or drugs?

Teens, we are not here to blame you for the past. We are here to help you get on with your life. Treatment can work.

Recovery Program

The recovery programs take 6-12 months. They include teen groups, multi-family groups, parent support groups, drug testing, educational forums, family and individual therapy, involvement with 12-step programs and relapse prevention support.

The problems caused by alcohol and drug abuse don’t have to take control of your life. Kaiser Permanente Oakland Teen and Family AMRS can help you turn your life around.

Individuals or parents can call to make an appointment. Health care providers, concerned school personnel, probation and other agencies can make direct referrals. Call 510-251-0121 for an orientation and overview of our program. We are here to help.