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What to Expect

Patients referred for a memory evaluation, and a close family member, should first view the required Memory Orientation Class online.  This class is vital in helping understand the normal age-related changes and causes of memory problems discussed and will help greatly during the memory appointment. Family members are asked to complete a pre-visit questionnaire about their loved ones’ memory loss symptoms prior to the appointment.

An appointment, either in office or video, will be scheduled with our Memory Center team once the Memory Class video is viewed and pre-visit questionnaire completed and returned. During this appointment, the patient will meet with the Memory Care Specialist, and family member(s) will meet with a social worker.  The Memory Care Specialist will meet with everyone present for the evaluation to discuss the diagnosis. Note: Prior to the appointment, a social worker may call a family member to review the pre-visit questionnaire, and a pharmacist will call to review medications.

The Memory Center team will then provide follow-up, case management, and resources in the scope of a care plan to meet the patient’s specific needs. If further tests are necessary, they will be scheduled, and you will receive specific instructions. Our team members will work closely with your primary care provider to manage your health conditions.