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Testing Plays a Major Role in Fighting COVID-19

Testing plays a major role in fighting COVID-19 — for your health, the health of our communities, and to help safely reopen businesses, schools, and more. As an important part of Kaiser Permanente’s ongoing commitment to our members and communities, we have recently expanded our COVID-19 testing capacity. Members can now self-schedule a COVID-19 test on through an e-visit. To learn more about COVID-19 testing, click here. 

2020-21 Flu Season – Flu Vaccination Drive-Thru Clinics Now Open

The flu is more serious than the common cold. Protect yourself and your loved ones from serious health risks by getting your annual no cost flu shot. For your safety and convenience, flu vaccinations are now available at the locations below.


We are experiencing high demand for flu vaccinations in some areas and are working to avoid long lines.

To minimize your wait times, help ease vehicle congestion, and ensure the safety of those visiting our facilities, please follow these guidelines when coming for your flu shot: 

  • Please do not block fire zones, disabled parking spaces, or any facility entrances.
  • If you have flexibility, please keep in mind that our flu shot clinics will be open for several more months.
  • Members may also receive a flu vaccine during a scheduled clinic appointment at any of our locations.
  • Please wear a mask when you arrive at our facilities to get your flu shot.
  • We love pets, but if there is one in your car you may need to get out of your car for your shot. Please help us save time and stay safe by leaving your pet at home if possible.

Member Flu Vaccination Information:

For more information, visit or call 1-800-573-5811 for guidelines about how to prepare for a flu shot and  answers to frequently asked questions. 

Drive-Through Flu Shot Program

This year, Kaiser Permanente members, physicians and staff will have a new COVID-19-safe way to get their flu shots: Drive-through flu shot clinics. “The goal is to make it as easy as possible to get a flu shot while minimizing the need to visit our facilities,” says pediatrician Randy Bergen, MD, clinical lead for the flu vaccine program for Northern California Kaiser Permanente. “We want to vaccinate as many people as we can and deliver those vaccines as safely as possible, with social distancing being critical. “

Getting a flu shot is more important than ever as we enter flu season with COVID-19 still spreading in the population. “There’s an additional urgency because of the similarity in symptoms between the flu and COVID-19,” says Dr. Bergen. “We want to keep people out of the hospital and we also don’t know how serious the two infections together can be.”

The Drive-Through Flu Shot Program will be offered Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at three locations:

Flu clinics will not be held at Antioch-Delta Fair, Livermore, Park Shadelands, Pleasanton, San Ramon, or Walnut Creek.

Now through December 31, members can also get a flu shot at no additional cost from select retailers including Walgreens, Costco, CVS, Rite-Aid, Safeway, and Walmart. More information »

“We are keeping the drive-through clinics open ten hours a day, six days a week to make it easy and convenient and to avoid delays,” says Sharon Mowat, MD, Physician-In-Chief for the Kaiser Permanente Diablo Service Area. All those in a car can be vaccinated together, including children over the age of six months.

The locations were chosen to best serve members in the three geographic areas of the DSA. Members who usually see their practitioners at Deer Valley and Delta Fair will go to Antioch Medical Center, members from Walnut Creek and Park Shadelands will go to Martinez, and Dublin will serve the southern DSA, including San Ramon, Pleasanton and Livermore. Facilities were also chosen based on layout for their ability to handle flow and volume of vehicles.

The start date for the drive-through clinics at Antioch Medical Center, Dublin and Martinez is set for September 14. Check our website for up to date information at

While the hope is to deliver 90 percent of all flu shots via drive-through, if members do not have transportation other arrangements can be made at the drive through sites.

Kaiser Permanente has a strong outreach program via email and text messaging to remind members and employees of the importance of flu vaccines.

“Flu shots are so important to keep our patients healthy and out of the hospital,” says Dr. Bergen. “We are very excited about the changes to this year’s flu shot program which will make the process easy, safe and convenient for all.”

COVID-19 information and visitor policy for Kaiser Permanente in Northern California

As part of our commitment to protect our patients and staff, and to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have implemented the following screening in our facilities:

In counties under public order, anyone entering our facilities must wear a mask. Masks are recommended for all persons entering our facilities in all other counties. If you arrive without a mask, we’ll provide one.

Temperature Screening
Anyone entering our facilities will encounter temperature checkpoints. If you are found to have an elevated temperature you will be asked additional question with regards to your visit and either escorted to your appointment or asked to contact your care provider. Learn more »

Visitor Restrictions
Access to Kaiser Permanente hospitals, emergency departments, medical offices, and clinics is restricted to patients only, with a few exceptions. Learn more »

Diablo Services & Hours Changes

Have COVID-19 symptoms? Call us at 866-454-8855 for advice. If you need in-person care, we can assist you.

Before you head to our facilities in the Diablo area, be sure to check for the latest temporary changes in services, hours, and closures. Our emergency services remain open 24/7.

Doctors in meeting using computer

Volunteer as a Patient Advisor and Make a Difference in Patient Care

Since its official launch in November 2017, Kaiser Permanente Antioch’s Patient Advisory Council (PAC) has grown from an idea to a highly active group making a real difference in the lives of members and staff. The PAC meets monthly to share experiences, ideas, and suggestions on how Antioch Medical Center can become the best place to receive care.

“The goal is to improve the overall experience of our members and patients in the future by receiving real-time, real-life feedback from people who are coming to us for their care,” says Ariel Chan, volunteer services manager, who is co-chair of the PAC.

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