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Tracy volunteer opportunities

We have many opportunities for volunteers to do a wide variety of tasks that will help in improving our patient care and assist our facility to run smoothly and efficiently. We are currently looking for volunteers who enjoy talking to people, are outgoing, trustworthy, and want to make each patient encounter a positive experience. Our current tasks include greeting patients, providing direction throughout our facilities in various departments, and assisting with various clerical tasks.

Explore the volunteer opportunities available in your area by choosing one of the for Kaiser Permanente locations below. Please note each opportunity may not be available at the time you begin your volunteering. Each volunteer opportunity has a set schedule and is subject to availability.

Tracy Medical Offices
2185 W. Grant Line Ave.

Breanne J. Bogle
Volunteer Coordinator

Information Desk – Greeting, directing and escorting members and visitors; solving problems and running errands as appropriate. Computer training is provided when appropriate. Deliver newspapers to patients and clinic waiting areas in the AM, provide complimentary DVD’s and magazines to patients in the afternoon and evening. Provide directions and assistance to visitors on various floors of the facility.

Music Visitation – Volunteers may visit patients, while playing a musical instrument. (See Coordinator for details)

Pediatric Activities – Interact with patients in the Pediatric waiting areas by reading a-loud and offer color book and crayons.