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At Kaiser Permanente, your care team is your biggest advocate. Our physicians and dentists are highly trained and passionate about what they do and are dedicated to providing you high quality care. Hear why our doctors chose to be part of the Kaiser Permanente family and what they do in their own lives to thrive.

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Doctor Janet M. Howard stretching in cycle clothing.

Meet Dr. Janet M. Howard
Hear from one of our leading doctors about why she chose to be part of Kaiser Permanente and what she does in her own life to thrive.


Get to know the rest of our many skilled doctors in Northwest and how
they bring you the care that makes your life easier and healthier.

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Our members can choose their Kaiser Permanente doctor and change anytime. There are also hundreds of highly trained specialists here in the Northwest — from orthopedics and oncology to neurology and nephrology. In other words, we’re providing a total health care experience.

The Kaiser Permanente network also includes The Portland Clinic, select PeaceHealth locations, and many other affiliated providers across the Portland, Salem, and Lane County areas.

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There are more than
1,200 Kaiser Permanente
doctors in Oregon and Washington.

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