Cancer Care and Collaboration:
Together, We Are Here to Heal

Creating an integrated, specialized approach to care that focuses on the needs of each patient is at the core of what we do.

2 physicians conferring in hospital hallway.

A team behind every treatment

At Kaiser Permanente, our patients are at the center of an integrated team that provides coordinated care across departments. The team is led by a medical director who oversees 10 disease-specific cancer task forces, each led by highly specialized physicians.


Our cancer team includes medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists who provide expert care throughout our patients’ journey. Together with each patient’s care team, these specialists review, assess, and develop treatment options based on each unique case.

Doctor typing at computer workstation.

Bright minds

Our patients are surrounded by some of the brightest minds in medicine, with doctors who are educated and trained at top medical schools and universities. They bring that education and training to their patients every day and provide care using the latest protocols, technologies, and techniques.


But beyond their credentials, our doctors bring the desire to form a true partnership with their patients — one built on care, communication, and collaboration. This partnership drives highly specialized treatment for every individual.

Medical professional filling syringe in research laboratory.

Research and clinical trials

We never stop learning and seeking improvements in cancer treatment. That’s why we focus on timely screening for our patients. Despite these efforts some patients will still face a cancer diagnosis. Through our clinical trials program, our patients have access to the latest therapies and personalized treatment.


We also have one of the largest databases of medical records in the world, which helps us discover treatments for cancer. And through the Kaiser Permanente Research Bank. external page, we are gaining a deeper understanding of how genetic and environmental factors affect the risk for cancer.


Learn more about our regional cancer research. external page

Photograph of Shelly Gonzales, Kaiser Permanente member
"My care team has been wonderful. I can tell that they are focusing on me — not the clock or other patients. They make sure all my questions are answered … and I am excited and optimistic about my future."

Shelly Gonzales Kaiser Permanente Member and Patient

2 members of patient care team speaking in hospital hallway.

Together, we’re better

To guide our patients through their journey, our team — including oncologists, pharmacists, nurses, physical therapists, and nurse navigators — works together to determine the best approach for treatment. For our patients, this means a more personalized experience, which can mean better outcomes.


Our 360-degree approach to fighting cancer begins long before diagnosis. A healthy lifestyle and early detection are the best medicines. So we surround patients with the support they need to help prevent cancer from developing, as well as a rigorous screening system to detect problems.

Nurse navigator smiling from behind computer workstation.

Navigating your path

A cancer diagnosis can be difficult and overwhelming. That’s why our nurse navigators lead our patients through their journey as educators and advocates.


Patients often require complex, lengthy treatments that involve several medical departments — sometimes in different locations. They may need multiple tests and must navigate infusions, surgeries, medications, and radiation appointments. Our nurse navigators provide consistent support and communicate with the care team to help patients moves through treatment smoothly and efficiently.

Physician sitting in patient treatment room.

Moving forward

We know that patients need a committed partner who’s in it for the long haul. Our emphasis on specialized treatment, multidisciplinary teams, navigator support, and prevention helps patients receive the care they need.


Of course, the patient’s role is crucial — from staying active to keeping a positive outlook and selecting the right care options. To keep patients on track, we offer programs and clinics focused on emotional support, nutrition, and social services. And we are always open to discussing alternative treatments.

Photograph of Doctor Phoebe Harvey
"Our patients are at the center of a highly specialized approach to care with experts in all areas of cancer who collaborate to surround our patients with a clear path for treatment and recovery."

Dr. Phoebe Harvey MD, Chief of Medical Oncology, Kaiser Permanente’s Cancer Service Line