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Top-notch Specialty Care

That’s what you get at Kaiser Permanente. Access to more than 600 outstanding physicians and providers in over 100 specialties. Doctors who have the freedom to deliver the care you need when you need it, instead of dealing with third-party approvals from people who don't even know you.

Getting specialty care is a lot easier when we’re all on the same team. See how we can help you thrive.

It’s OK to Be Picky

We hand-select top doctors who are committed to world-class medicine and compassionate care for you and your family. They go through a rigorous and highly competitive hiring process, so you can be confident you’re getting top-quality care while building long-term relationships with doctors you trust and respect. Choose your doctor from among the best and change anytime.

  • Maternity

    At our Family Birth Center, you'll find highly trained specialists and certified nurse-midwives who are dedicated to caring for you and your baby.
  • Pediatrics

    It's amazing how fast children grow. We'll be there every step of the way - no matter what ails them - to help your keiki lead healthy, happy lives.
  • Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine

    From sore muscles and joints to broken bones and other sports injuries, our orthopedists can fix what hurts to help you get back to an active lifestyle.
  • Oncology

    With a certified team of cancer experts, we help patients win the fight against their disease using early detection, advanced personalized treatments, and innovative clinical trials.

Our Specialists Will See You Now

You won’t always need to see a specialist. But when you do, we’ve got you covered.

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