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Save the Long Hikes for the Weekends

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Kaiser Permanente has proudly served the residents of Denver and Boulder
for more than 40 years, providing high-quality coverage and care together, to help our community thrive.

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Late pregnancy concerns led to ‘happy ending’ with birth of twins. external page

Longtime Kaiser Permanente Colorado members, Jing and Peter Kerchner, were looking forward to the birth of their twins. Thirty seven weeks and five days into her pregnancy, Jing realized something was wrong. Fortunately, she called her doctor and her care team sprang into action. What could have been “a very tragic day” had a very happy ending.

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Young Father-of-Three Changes Lifestyle After ‘Warning Shot’ Heart Attack. external page

Isaac Plasencio felt like he had the flu. But he couldn’t explain the pain in his jaw and the numbness in his left hand — until the numbness spread to his arm. That’s when he and his wife rushed to the hospital, where Kaiser Permanente cardiologist DeeAnn Rivera, MD, confirmed that Plasencio had a heart attack.

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In-Home Test Saves Kaiser Permanente Member’s Life. external page

When Kathy Hall’s Kaiser Permanente physician, John Wagonlander, MD, spoke with her about getting a colonoscopy based on the results of her in-home fecal immunochemical test (FIT), she was hesitant. But she eventually agreed — and it was a life-saving decision.

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Did you know that Kaiser Permanente Colorado offers perinatal hospital and home care?. external page

Unlike most other health care providers, Kaiser Permanente Colorado provides every new mom with a home visit by a nurse practitioner. This helps ease the transition from hospital to home for mom and baby (or babies as in this case!).

Fitt + Kaiser Permanente: Your partners in good health. external page

An in-depth guide to the workout spots, healthy eats, outdoor adventures, and upcoming events happening in Denver and Boulder. Powered by Kaiser Permanente Thrive

Thrive in Your Community

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Get a Taste of Something Good

Help yourself to a healthy serving. Choose from a wide range of delicious, healthy recipes from the Kaiser Permanente expert “Food for Health” blog, Kaiser Permanente physician and enthusiastic cook. Search by type of dish – including healthy breakfasts, sides, salads, soups, entrees, and desserts.

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A New Perspective

Rediscover walking and go on a local adventure. See what your own city has to offer that you don’t get to experience by car. Plus, walking 30 minutes a day, five days a week really can improve your overall health and prevent disease.

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We Stand for Walking. We Stand for Hiking. We Stand for, Well, Standing More.

Learn all the ways we support Coloradans in their pursuit of a richer, healthier life.


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Personalized Care and Attention

A care team that’s informed and focused on you can lead to better health. Kaiser Permanente doctors, nurses, and specialists are all connected to your electronic health record, so they can work together to provide the best personalized care for your needs and schedule.

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Under-One-Roof Access

Save time and avoid driving all over town for care. You’ll have many locations to choose from, and most of them offer multiple services under one roof. You can see your doctor, get a lab test or an X-ray, and pick up your medications — all without leaving the building. And when you get care with fewer delays, you can get better faster too.