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Interactive theatre with healthy message

Bring engaging characters, music, and fun to students of all ages. Learn more about Kaiser Permanente’s Educational Theatre

energy star crop

Energy Star in Silver Spring

Recognize the Energy Star label on your washing machine or television? Four Kaiser Permanente data centers have it, too, including one in Silver Spring. They are EPA Energy Star Low Carbon IT Champions!

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Lunchrooms and dietary guidelines—what’s changing?

Whether you’re a school food employee, a parent, a teacher or just have an interest in healthy eating, now’s a great time to dive in to some of the conversation going on around food and nutrition.

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Top ranked mid-atlantic

Top-ranked care in 5 important areas

The right care at the right time. Learn more about our cancer screenings, diabetes care, and childhood immunizations.

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new moms diet

Health tips for new moms: Healthy eating

What keeps a new mom healthy? Is it okay to take vitamin supplements? Listen as Amy Banulis, MD, an ob/gyn in the Mid-Atlantic Region, explains the most important nutrients for new mothers, especially for those who are breastfeeding. What should new moms eat?





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